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Timex Goes Fitness with New Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch

This past Wednesday, watch brand Timex announced in a statement, that they will be entering the smartwatch category.  The company’s new smartwatch will be geared toward fitness enthusiasts and will be aptly called the Ironman One GPS+.

Timex is targeting those fitness advocates who want to use smartwatches for fitness-tracking, but don’t want the cumbersome task of having to carry a watch and a phone at the same time. To eliminate the hassle, the Ironman One GPS+ watch will be a 3G powered device that connects to apps on its own and sends and receives email messages without having to sync with a smartphone.

The watch is also water and dust resistant, so you can dunk it in up to 50 meters of water without worrying about damaging the device. There’s also 4GB of onboard storage for loading your music onto the watch, which can be streamed through a Bluetooth headset.

The phone-free Ironman One GPS+ allows users to track their running speed, distance and pace. The watch is one of the first devices to use Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology, which allows users to clearly read on-screen text regardless of how bright it is outside. The watch comes enabled for use indoors, outdoors or in the pool. As the name suggests, the Ironman One GPS+ is equipped with location tracking technology. The GPS functionality allows users to make their location visible to others. Meanwhile, in the event a user is lost or having an emergency situation, the watch’s “Find Me Mode” allows for customized SOS alert messages to be sent out with the user’s exact location. Although the selling point of the watch is that you don’t have to use a smartphone to operate the Ironman One GPS+, that doesn’t mean you can’t. The watch will sync to your smartphone should you choose to synchronize them.

The Ironman One GPS+ will cost a pretty penny. The watch  is available now for pre-order on the Timex website for $399, but it comes with one year of AT&T cellular service.  If you’re not one for the pre-sale, the watch is set to hit electronics retail stores in the fall of this year. When the watch hits shelves, Timex will also debut a more expensive version of the smartwatch as well. The $499 Ironman GPS+ smartwatch will come with all the bells and whistles of the cheaper watch, but will also boast a heart rate monitor.

Smartwatches have been all the rage this year and at-your-wrist fitness is becoming a growing trend in wearable devices. The smart market is shifting and the hands-free, phone-free direction the market is turning to is a positive one. Soon, we won’t need to be tied to our phones at all for communication at all. If we can track our fitness with a watch, imagine what we will be able to do in the future about our productivity.


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