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Revolution Aviation Prepares for the Future by Doing It Better and Planning Ahead

Many startups begin with an idea and try to move forward with that idea, determined for an exit in the future. That idea torpedoes into an adventure of

unknowns and obstacles, dealing with every situation –good or bad– day by day. Unprepared for what’s ahead of them, many startups fail because they “fail to adapt to the changing dynamics, customer requirements, and the market.” One rule in being a successful entrepreneur with a startup is to adapt, and adapt fast. This may be the reason why one startup in particular is doing so well in such a short amount of time.

Revolution Aviation markets to those who want to learn how to fly helicopters, airplanes, and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs). The thought of flying anything sounds amazing, but flying only appeals to a small group of people who have a strong sense of independent individualism and to those who could afford the time and money to do it. With a decline of pilots since the early 2000s it makes sense that there are only 5 flight schools in Orange County; Revolution Aviation being the newest.

Despite being new with a small market Revolution Aviation is doing extremely well. For those who want to learn how to fly, they don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. They have the option of flying UAVs, such as drones, to fulfill their aviation needs until they are ready to get their pilots’ licenses.

Mark RobinsonMark Robinson, founder and chief instructor pilot of Revolution Aviation, says there are 3 ways to make money:

  1. Create something new
  2. Cheat
  3. Do it better

In a small community of pilots with a small market, he has decided to “do it better”. This is reflective of his company where he gives you options with what you want to do and how you want to fly. Everything is done on your own time and not rushed in weekly crammed courses. He also gives his clients extra attention and care. Robinson gets to know his clients and caters each flight session with their goals and interest in mind. With his clients he’s found that “giving personal service is more productive than any ad”. Robinson says,  “You can have a school where people want to stay”.

With a passion in flying Robinson’s mantra is to eat, sleep, and fly. In fact he’s taken that lifestyle and turned it into his company’s motto. Online, and are synonymous!

Being associated with multiple names gives Robinson a greater advantage with being able to adapt. He is positioning himself to expand. With a name like Eat Sleep Fly he has the option to grow into many different types of businesses.

  • Eat at his restaurant
  • Sleep at his hotel
  • Fly with his helicopters and planes

All startups have a goal, but not all goals are attained or run as planned. Being ready to adapt and pivot gives the startup a great advantage in moving forward. Revolution Aviation is not pivoting because they do not need to, but in the event that they do or if they want to expand they’re ready. Instead of running a business day-by-day and taking obstacles as they come, consider running one with choices. Give yourself the option of being able to move forward in any direction and not one way that will lead you to the end of a corner.


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