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Stepping into Another World with Oculus and Omni

The hallway is poorly lit and cold. Things are scattered about as if something bad went down not too long ago. The metal walls creak, and as you look around, you can make out every detail. You look down at your feet and realize that they aren’t ...

Xbox Wall

E3: Game Changing Technology…Literally.

Model for One of the perks of working for a publication like Impact Media Publishing Inc is being able to attend cool events like E3 as press. You get to see more stuff, get treated a little different, and you can take pictures of all ...


Conference Calls with Calls to Action

Have you lined up a conference call, only to find that the call was a waste of time, or that you got cornered and didn’t know what to say? First calls with potential partners can create anxiety and undo worry if the call is not approached with ...

Vak Sambath

What Happens When You Fail On Kickstarter?

You probably don’t know about the Rock smartwatch. That’s because the watch never existed. If you do know about it, you would probably know it as a scam, a failed Kickstarter campaign that was based on an ambitious product that had no ...


Amazon Amazes with New Smartphone

Move over Apple and Android, there’s a new smartphone coming to town! Online shopping platform has recently confirmed that they will launch their first smartphone at an event this summer. Amazon is a powerhouse in the tech field ...

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