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Mini Maker Faire at UCI

edtric signThe Mini Maker Faire is described as the “Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth”. It’s an event celebrating all things involved with the do-it-yourself culture. Everything from hands-on activities to live concerts, the event is all about learning and seeing what other people have created.

This year’s Orange County Mini Maker Faire was held on August 17th at UCI’s Beall center and plaza. The event was catered to builders and learners from all ages and experience levels with making crafts and do-it-yourself technology projects. Several organizations that attended the event provided activities and entertainment ranging from clothes making workshops to watching a robot-fighting tournament. Many attendees were even able to create their own miniature robot with workshops provided by Edtrication.

Besides participating in do-it-yourself activities, the event was also a platform to learn about the latest in technology and innovation. Airwolf 3D and Thingify showed off the capabilities of their 3D printers while experts in technology like Wess Gates of Edtric gave informative talks in the Winifred Smith Hall.

The Mini Maker Faire was far more than an event based on making simple projects and crafts. It was an event of learning and being immersed in the creativity of innovators and trendsetters. Where else can you make robots, listen to live music and gawk at the various people walking around in steampunk style costumes? The Mini Maker Faire is an incredibly unique experience that everyone can enjoy. From the tech savvy engineers to those who just like creating things, the Mini Maker Faire will have something that interests you.


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