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Fly In to the Robbins Nest Wine Bar

impact-robbins-nest-wine-barIn the newly revived area of Downtown Santa Ana, a new wine bar has taken residence inside of the old Historic Gas Company building. The inception of the Robbins Nest Wine Bar came from the wish to honor Jim Robbins, the late husband and best friend of the two owners of Robbins Nest Wine Bar, Lisa Robbins and Vince Canino.

Besides his wife, the great loves of Jim Robbins’ life were great wine and food. Both Robbins and Canino had dreamed of opening a restaurant together, but unfortunately for Robbins, this dream never came to fruition. Robbins was diagnosed with cancer and eventually passed away from it.

In honor of Jim Robbins’ memory, both Lisa Robbins and Vince Canino had a vision: to start a restaurant with good wine and simple food. With this concept, the two of them charged ahead to make Jim Robbins’ dream come true.

The two of them looked all over for venues, from Costa Mesa to Santa Ana, until finally they decided on Downtown Santa Ana. Downtown was making a resurgence, and the Historic Gas Company building had a feel like no other. The inside is lined with brick, with a high ceiling and a beautiful mural of a vineyard on one of the walls. The furniture is simple, yet elegant. Their menu is filled with a large assortment of wines and small plates for customers to enjoy.

Before this point, both Robbins and Canino had never owned a business. Robbins worked in sales, while Canino still works as a impact-robbins-nest-foodmechanical engineer. Robbins is both co-owner and general manager of the restaurant, while Canino is the owner and CEO. They work together as a team, with Robbins working more directly in the restaurant and Canino on the more business-oriented side of it.

When asked what sort of feel they wanted for the wine bar, Lisa Robbins said she wanted it to feel “approachable.” She wants it to be comfortable for people for all sorts of occasions, from people in T-shirts and flip-flops, to people in $2,000 suits. Robbins was looking to make a restaurant that she would be comfortable in, and in turn, be comfortable for the people coming into the wine bar. Robbins, who is also an artist, designed the whole place herself. She also has more plans for designing and decorating the restaurant.

“I really want to make a whole tribute to Santa Ana here on the wall. I really want to have a ‘history hall’ over there,” Robbins said, while pointing to the hall at the back of the restaurant with a smile on her face.

The reason the Robbins Nest Wine Bar was started was to honor Jim Robbins, both a husband and a best friend to the co-founders of the restaurant. Lisa Robbins and Vince Canino took Jim Robbins love for great wine and food and made a restaurant out of it. With a stylish yet comfortable atmosphere, the Robbins Nest Wine Bar is a place to go if you want to relax or spend time with the important people in your life.


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