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End The High Costs, Nightmares and Headaches of Hiring Mistakes

Need talent to grow your business? Looking to get a right fit the first time out? Are you little worried about bringing in a wrong person then having to deal with it? Even best hiring intentions can get turned upside down fast. Especially when you don’t think your process through well enough. Not getting your hiring process right gets sleepless nights and a world of hurt. We all know it. What we don’t know is how to prevent it.

Here are the top 10 surefire ways to ensure hiring mistakes do happen:

  1. Think first about finding the right person; that should happen last, not first.
  2. Focus only on what the position has to do
  3. Ignore what the position is accountable for to get repeatable success
  4. Let only one person define what the position needs for success
  5. Don’t get perspectives from everyone directly interacting with the position
  6. Assume you have no blind spots around exactly what the position does
  7. Assume you know exactly how the position has to do its duties
  8. Don’t factor in the exact behaviors are needed for success in the position
  9. Assume each position will act and behave in the same way
  10. Don’t consider what would motivate the position to continue successfully

Focusing on getting the right person in place before the position is rightly bench-marked is flat out dumb; it’s as laughable as putting a cart before a horse.

A right and thorough process brings together first: all those who have direct contact with the position and have for at least the last 6 months. Those people then collectively define not just what the position does, but how it does what it does (behaviors), why it does what it does (motivators), and also what the position is directly accountable for achieving, producing and delivering.

It then categorizes those accountabilities into distinct areas. Each area is then ranked by importance and by percentage of time needed each week to achieve what its accountable for.

With a clear and agreed upon accountability menu, everyone who will interact directly with the position is on the same page, well aligned and each has buy in.

Afterwards, behaviors and motivators for the position need to be defined and agreed upon.

Finally, the top candidates being considered are mapped and gapped to the newly benchmarked position.

Right fit is then clear. Your job-to-talent match is about more than just skills, know how, past history and bright smile/personality.

Sound complicated? It shouldn’t. Right job benchmarking is a process and if followed correctly it ensures right fit and ends high costs and headaches before they start, but it has to be done right.

Sound like too much work? Keep hiring your way.

Some people actually believe putting their cart before their horse will get them where they want to go.




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Jay Steven Levin

From a forest monastery to corporate boardrooms Jay has worked worldwide to accelerate measurable personal, executive and organizational performance improvement and success. As an Executive and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) coach he has personally coached over 10,000 professionals international and in all walks of life. As President, COO, VP, Jay has worked with some of the most powerful media, consumer, technology and logistics brands on the planet. His tools include powerful behavioral insights assessments; job benchmarking, talent to job mapping and company focused growth X-Rays.

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