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Develop Your Own Apps! Bake Your Cake and Eat it Too!

If I were to take a wild guess, I’d say you probably spend a good amount of time on your phone. Any chance it’s also a smart phone? Probably either Android or iPhone?

So, we know that almost everyone uses apps, plays games, and has their own little custom widgets installed on their phones. But, how many people actually take a second and wonder how these things are put together? Do you ever think of things that you might do to improve an app? Do you catch yourself thinking, man if they would’ve just added this one little thing this app would be so much better! If you find yourself interested in diving into app development there is great news.

In an age of exponentially growing digital media technology and a drought of domestic talent, Santiago Canyon College is working hard to bring American students to the forefront of the digital media technology of the future. According to, mobile apps are projected to reach 98 billion by 2015. That’s a hard number to fathom, but it gives you an idea of how much growth this field is experiencing. Who will be responsible for creating the Apps of the future? Will companies like Google consistently push for laws that allow foreign Visa extensions because of the apparent lack of qualified domestic talent? App development is a craft that primarily involves coding/programming, artistic vision, and back end server hosting, but students do not need to be proficient in all of those categories in order to be a part of the App development process. Programmers and designers do not have to sit in separate rooms. In fact, it is highly essential that they work together.

This course is deliberately designed to be an introduction to app development to get students on the pathway of their choosing. Rather than serving up a singular comprehensive class that familiarizes students with the principles of app development, this class offers a particular pathway directly afterwards, depending on the students’ interests.

If a student decides that they are more interested in the artistic aspect of app development, there’s a course to be taken immediately afterwards. The same goes for students who have a stronger interest in the programming side of app development.

To make these App development pathways as convenient and seamless as possible, there will be a counselor who is specifically assigned to students participating in these programs. Students will be informed of the next step in their journey to an enriching educational experience that takes them to a place where their skills will be in massive demand. As part of the effort to foster students’ talents in their respective fields, the grant will cover both of the courses that are offered immediately after the introduction course.

We already know that Apps have captured the imagination of high school students. It’s difficult to spot a teenager without a smart phone in their hand nowadays. As much as we do have students with a strong interest in using applications, very few are actually interested in deconstructing and understanding what truly goes into creating these fun, user-friendly programs. This is where the United States has a shortage of talent, and this is where our students can step up. Not only to get a head start in high school and be on their way to endlessly rewarding careers, but to make a real difference in technological progress. High school students are highly encouraged to enroll in this course for free while it’s still open, as after the preliminary registration period, it will be open to the public.


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mobile app development

Develop Your Own Apps! Bake Your Cake and Eat it Too!

If I were to take a wild guess, I’d say you probably spend a good ...