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Checking Off My Bucket List with YayPlanner

It’s Friday and I don’t have any plans. What am I going to do?! Stumped on my lack of activities, I had a chat with the Cofounders of YayPlanner Jimmy Amash and Travis Davis who had a similar question years before.

Amash and Davis are really good friends since college and noticed it was really hard to find new things to do in the OC and LA area. Living in one of the largest states in the US with some of the best tourist attractions, it shouldn’t be too hard to find something to do. Yet, during and after college the 2 friends, like me, were stumped on a weekend activity.

Before, when searching for activities online Amash and Davis realized that “everything was decentralized through travel blogs and advertisements all over the Internet and it was tough to find a really good platform to find and discover new things to do from ordinary people”. This thought led to the development of YayPlanner the social media site that connects people through their bucket list and activities.

Since its release date YayPlanner was able to attract 10,000 hits within the first 3 months! With the advice from family, friends, and users YayPlanner has improved and grown over the years adding users from all over the world.

With YayPlanner I was able to search for many different types of activities with different types of goals in mind. Aside from the typical activities on a bucket list like skydiving I’ve found other activities I would’ve never known. I have my food adventures where I can take an hour to go try out in my local area and my crazy adventures where I need to plan the time to venture out. Either way, it’s giving me ideas on what crazy thing to do, keeping me active, showing me new activities and it feels good to see what I’ve accomplished. Start your own list on YayPlanner and see what you can check off.


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